Break Up with Your 401K, It’s Sexier than
Shopping for Shoes!

Real Estate Wealth for Women is pleased to welcome Courtney Poulos, the Broker-Owner of ACME Real Estate, TV personality, and author of the book called, “Break Up with Your 401K —It’s Sexier than Shopping for Shoes.” In this fast-paced, fun session, Courtney outlines why it’s smart to invest in real estate as compared to trying to build your retirement through a 401K. She also outlines the critical steps to take for those who are embarking on their first purchase or investment property. Here’s what she will be covering:


    1. What motivated her to choose the most generic brand ever—ACME Real Estate and why it works for her clients.
    1. What stops women from owning real estate and why it’s smart to get started at as young of an age as possible.
    1. How to go about purchasing your first home or investment property and deciding which option is best for your situation.
    1. Types of investment options including living in the property and fixing it up, buying turnkey, buying with a tenant and property manager in place, etc.
    1. Best practices in terms of down payment assistance, pre-approval, and how to use resources such as